This is an accurate representation of my junior year honestly.

Yes, hi, ignore the watery red eyed look, but I have come to the conclusion that silver eyeshadow is definitely a good thing.

saberacookies and I complain about failing calculus and then play tic-tac-toe, dots, hangman, and write Beyoncé lyrics instead of taking notes in class. #THAT #MOTIVATION

Mandatory pre-dawat selfie.


for synapticstigma!

Thank you so much, this is great!!

I found my livejournal from 8th grade and I am cringing so hard I’m sorry.

For clarification purposes though:

  1. I can’t sew.
  2. I didn’t even listen to Skillet. The boy I was mad crushing on did.
  3. Shimmershell was my mom’s good lipgloss that I stole and never gave back. Ya gurl didn’t have anything better than lip smackers at 13.

I have outgrown most of my friends.

I don’t dress nicely often but when I do I make sure to takes tons of selfies for future usage.¬†

I have exceeded the amount of selfies I should be posting today I’m so sorry BUT I’M HAVING TOO GOOD OF A FACE DAY TO WASTE IT ON A FAMILY DINNER PARTY.

Waiting to get fed at a dawat is the WORSSSST.