My favorite person in the whole entire universe, meri nanoo (my grandma).

Logical progression of selfies with the sister ☺️😂

~super cute picture of my super cuties at our last jummah prayer in high school~

Faraha is an amazing human being, and amazing human beings deserve to be reminded that constantly. Y’all don’t even understand, this girl came up to me at school one day in when we were six and said “my dad knows your dad!!!” And I was like “that’s cool (what a loser).” Kidding, that’s the most solid reason for an instant friendship when you’re six apparently. 6 to 18, Faraha’s stayed my absolute best friend 💞. (I made her sign up for all the same college classes AND my major so she’s not getting rid of me anytime soon 😁) Anyways, these pictures are in chronological order so you can appreciate how we’ve blossomed~

True life: my aunt is cuter than me.

My aunt used me as a guinea pig to show my other aunts how to makeup and it may not look like it but the amount of product on my face probably weighed ~5 lbs.

This is my beautiful nani (maternal grandmother) when she was 18/19 (my age). She is my absolute favorite human being on the face of this planet.

Nanoo (what I affectionately call my grandma) essentially raised me, because my mom had me while she was still in medical school. She’s been through things you can’t even imagine, and she’s still the strongest and most effortlessly stylish woman I know. She’s my everything honestly.

Quite possibly my favorite family picture of all time.