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People sometimes forget but there are Muslims who don't follow hadiths so evidence from the Quran is the only thing they're looking to base their religious guidance on. Perhaps that Anon is one of those people so we should all be more understanding when Muslims inquire about the deen in this way.


I did not forget, but the very structure of The Qur’an they read and follow is compiled and preserved within the same methodologies which preserved the Hadith, and I am not going to accept the idea that we should ignore the Hadiths, just like I would not accept the idea that there are Prophets after The Prophet Muhammad.

The Sunnah of The Prophet is a necessary and required aspect of Islam, as enumerated within The Qur’an Itself:

"O you who have attained to faith! Pay heed unto God, and pay heed unto the Apostle and unto those from among you who have been entrusted with authority; and if you are at variance over any matter, refer it unto God and the Apostle, if you [truly] believe in God and the Last Day. This is the best [for you], and best in the end.” [4:59]

In particular, the command to “refer it unto God and the Apostle” is a particularly clear injunction, which is affirmed, again, by The Qur’an:

"But nay, by thy Sustainer! They do not [really] believe unless they make thee [O Prophet] a judge of all on which they disagree among themselves, and then find in their hearts no bar to an acceptance of thy decision and give themselves up [to it] in utter self-surrender." [4:65]

This ayah is explained by Muhammad Asad, as follows:

"This verse lays down in an unequivocal manner the obligation of every Muslim to submit to the ordinances, which the Prophet, under divine inspiration, promulgated with a view to exemplifying the message of the Qur’an and enabling the believers to apply it to actual situations. These ordinances constitute what is described as the sunnah (lit., "way") of the Prophet Muhammad, and have (whenever they are authenticated beyond any possibility of doubt) full legal force side by side with the Qur’an: see verse 80 of this surah."

And so here is the 80th ayah:

"Whoever pays heed unto the Apostle pays heed unto God thereby; and as for those who turn away - We have not sent thee to be their keeper."

I pray this reaches you and your families in the best of health and Iman, insha Allah.


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